Neurodiverse Accessible Network for Employment Success

Connecting people on the autism spectrum to coaching, training, and community.


Need To Learn How To Get A Job?

What if you needed to network?

To go to job interviews?

To build business connections?

And all the tools available didn’t work the way you needed to learn?

You’d use NANAWorks.

We've Built A Better Coaching Model

The traditional face to face coaching model for learning the skills necessary to succeed in a job search, in going through an interview, in changing careers relies on a model that doesn’t work well for the autism community.

We’ve created a toolkit that doesn’t replace that coaching model but makes it more accessible and creates more opportunities for career success.

Great Easy To Use Tools

 * unique skills and abilities assessments

* feedback through a video training system

* gamified training modules and

* connections to coaches trained to work with people on the spectrum


All created to be accessible, approachable, applicable and awesome.

Skills Assessments

What do you enjoy doing? What are some core values you’d bring to the job? How much do you want to work with people or are you more comfortable on your own?


Resume Building

Do we use just the typical resume? Heck no! We shine a spotlight on your personality and kick it up a notch with a video introducing you to employers!


Win rewards. Gain skills. Level up.
And learn the right way to handle job interview questions or a tricky talk with your boss.



We connect you to coaches who are trained to find out the best way for you to learn and help you find job success!



  • students
  • job seekers
  • career centers
  • employment coaches
  • human resources departments

Anyone can use Spero to take advantage of the trainings, tools and making business connections. While Spero has been designed specifically for people on the autism spectrum, it just makes it easier for everyone to use.

Expand the Toolkit

  • reach more  clients
  • add more resources to your offering
  • connect with like minded coaches to expand your network
  • connect with agencies and organizations looking for your skills
  • get found in our coaching directory

Coaches who are looking to expand their toolkit and offer another way to connect to success.

Sometimes life gets in the way and face to face meetings get delayed. This can really impact progress and success. Why not use Spero to keep the momentum going?

The Big Guns

  • Academic career centers
  • Recruiters
  • Service Providers
  • Government agencies

Spero can set you apart for being inclusive, more accessible and providing a new way to find job success.

With student populations and work forces becoming more diverse, it’s important to provide the best tools for your clients and teams!

Want to Learn More?



Who can contact us? People looking to find a job. People wanting to keep a job. Coaches. Career Centres. Employers. If you have something to do with people on the spectrum getting a job? We're all ears!