Neurodiverse Accessible Network for Employment Success

We’re building resources for the autism community and with the autism community.

Our client management platform is designed for autism employment specialists and coaches, as well as job seekers and employers. We’re making it easier and faster to help more Autistic Canadians receive the employment support they need from autism employment specialists.

NANAWorks Platform


What We Do

Want to learn how to get a job?

Networking, job interviews, build business connections and find skills you didn’t know you had?

We’ve got the tools built just for you!

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Does the same old coaching model not work for you?

We agree – it needs a change. Now you can combine online learning with the face to face coaching needed for success. Your success. Your way.

Our Why

Your timeline. Your way.

Tired of succeeding but on someone else’s timeline? When they can fit you in? Now you can control how and when you learn and move towards progress as fast as you want or a slow as you need to.

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Who are we and why does that matter?

Our team is made up of folks who either support people on the spectrum, have a loved one on the spectrum or just find the spectrum really freaking cool and want to be involved.

Our team

We’re building resources for the autism community, with the autism community.

There’s no point in thinking we’ve got a great idea for a community and then not asking that community if they think it’s great. Right? We’re working with the autism community to make sure the tools, resources and topics we’re providing are the right ones.

We’d love to work with you and find out what you’d like to learn about!


Is that the whole toolkit? No!

We’re a startup company who’s working with the autism community to make sure what we deliver is the right fit. That takes time. As new tools are released, you’ll find out!

What’s in the Toolkit?


Programs developed to address getting ready for a job, on the job issues and more.

ASD Job Coaches

We’re creating partnerships with coaches who have the skills and experience to work successfully with the ASD Community on progressing towards their goals.


We’re developing multiple ways to get your skill set, personality and interests in front of the right employers.

Skill Testing

We’re finding the right tool to test your skills and add badges to your profile so employers know right away what you can do.

Who’s Who

Who is NANAWorks for?

People in the Autism Community

Are you looking to learn how to get a job? Do you need to develop skills to manage at work? Are you a student? Are you changing jobs?

Why so many options? Because we can help a lot of people!

ASD Job and Life Coaches

Our platform is being designed specifically to help you connect and support more clients. 

Academic Institutions

Do you offer a career center? Wish you could help more people? Do you have people who learn differently? We’ve got the solution for you.


#175: The Future Looks Good – Change 3: Tools

#175: The Future Looks Good – Change 3: Tools

What are you hoping to achieve and what might you need to change to make that happen? It doesn't mean YOU have to change though that might be a possibility. It could be new skills assessments. It could be changing your routine and keeping track of it. It could be...

#179: Future Looks Good: Career Personality Profiler

#179: Future Looks Good: Career Personality Profiler

Have you ever done a career personality profiler only to discover that it doesn't fit you at all? That it recommends jobs or careers that don't come close to what you'd be remotely interested in ? We have too. It's why we've been looking in to other discovery tools...


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