We deliver employment solutions.

We help solve the unemployment crisis for neurodivergent individuals by providing solutions to folks just like you!

Employment Service Providers

Employment Service Providers

People on the front line helping job seekers through coaching, programming and ongoing support.

Advanced Manufacturing Employers

Advanced Manufacturing Employers

Employers who are desperate for good candidates and need some educatoin about the value of the neurodivergent talent pool.

Job Coaches

Job Coaches

Busy coaches who don’t have a lot of time and need every minute for job seekers success.

Career Centers

Career Centers

Career Centers see hundreds of students a year. We can help you see more.


“We used to send email to get in touch with clients and they didn’t respond. So we’d send another one. Now we can send them texts from NANAWorks with reminders about appointments and upcoming tasks and they actually respond!”

Coaching Time

“Any agency will tell you there’s a lot of reporting to do. What they don’t tell you is how much of your time is spent doing that instead of coaching. NANAWorks is giving us our coaching time back which is what we’re here to do.”


“Data management … we used to have to duct tape solutions together. Some data in Excel, some in Outlook, some in a different appointment manager. Now we’re able to quickly see what’s happening with our clients and get reports ready so much faster.”

Hiring Practices

“We thought we were doing a great job during the hiring practice. With some simple suggestions, we’re improving the interview process and making it easier for everybody in the room.”


NANAWorks can help you save time, frustration and data.

Neurodiversity in Advanced Manufacturing

We’ll help you expand your talent pool and support existing neurodivergent employees better.

Coaching and Consulting

Our coaching team can help you solve your talent gap challenges.


Are you a neurodivergent job seeker? Would building stronger job skills help? EmploymentWorks might be just what you need.

Have we piqued your interest? Please get in touch!

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