Building Employment Solutions

We build employment solutions with neurodivergent individuals and support services through asking, listening and being creative.


We’re building solutions with employment specialists and the neurodiverse community.

Autism and Advanced Manufacturing

Interested in learning more about how autism and advanced manufacturing fit together?

This free program is currently being offered to business and autistic residents of Halton Region.

The Future Looks Good Podcast

Some of our favorite things to talk about are autism, employment, parenting, books, and tools. We also get to talk to  amazing guests.

And sometimes we just crack each other up …

Don’t worry. She came back.

Blog Posts

The Feedback Process: A High-Level Overview

The Feedback Process: A High-Level Overview

Introduction to Feedback: Imagine sitting in a lively discussion with the great philosopher Socrates in ancient Greece. He's known for his unique way of teaching, not by telling you the answers but by asking thought-provoking questions. His questions make you think,...

#229 Autistic Rambler Ep 21 – PIVOT Instead Of Change

#229 Autistic Rambler Ep 21 – PIVOT Instead Of Change

Change is a pretty big deal for most folks. If you happen to be neurodivergent, it can be an even bigger deal. Mostly because you can grow up with teachers, parents and others telling you that the ONLY way forward is for you to change. That can hit people hard. And...


In the News

Interview with Industry 4.0

We look forward to an great conversation on how Elizabeth via the online platform, NANAWorks, is working on bridging the gap between the youth and adult autism community and employment success.

We’re focusing on the myths and misconceptions of hiring a neurodivergent employee and the business case for expanding your talent pool.

YourTV Cogeco with Nikki Wesley

Burlington based Spero Careers Canada has been creating a new platform to help people with autism successfully find employment. The NANAWORKS project recently received new funding and partnered up with Mohawk College to further development.

YourTV Cogeco with Nikki Wesley

The Latin word “spero” means hope. Spero Careers Canada is giving hope to people on the autism spectrum who are having difficulty finding a job. A new program they have rolled out is attempting to solve two employment crisis right here in Halton.


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