Elizabeth Plouffe


Honest, straightforward, strategic.

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Plouffe

A trained coach, I focus on being straighforward, strategic and working with you on what you want to achieve.

My Story

When I left my 14 year career in healthcare, I had a plan. I wanted to combine my love of writing, being creative and helping others. How? I went in to another career of volunteer management. A bit of a side step in my plan and after 4.5 years, I went back to school full time to get my post-graduate in Corporate Communications. With my shiny new diploma, I started my first job in communications. That did not go as planned at all so I needed to pivot. To do that, I got a coach.

After working with the first coach, I decided to become an entrepreneur and open my first full time business, MCV Communications. What I didn’t know is that all coaches are not created equal and it took working with three coaches to realize just having work experience does not make you a good coach. You need training. As my business grew, another pivot was on the horizon into a tech founder. You can bet I needed a coach for that! I found a great coach who I’m still with today and was inspired by her process to take the same training that had helped me so much.

I’m certified through John C. Maxwell Leadership and the focus is on a curiosity coaching method. Most folks know the answers they need or what is getting in the way of goals, they just need the right combination of support, strategy and someone willing to ask the tough questions to get to the good stuff inside you!

My Values & Beliefs

Honesty is everything

This goes both ways. I’ll be very honest (but kind) during our sessions and you’ll never have to worry if I’m just saying what you want to hear. Sometimes it definitely won’t be what you want but absolutely what you need.

The difference between a dream and goal is a plan

I use tools like white boarding, mind mapping, our assessments and more to get to what your strengths are, what might be getting in the way of your goals and making a plan to achieve whatever it might be.

You set the pace. Sort of.

I absolutely believe that clients should help set the accountability dates for their goals. We have to meet where you are right now and then determine where your heading. Part of my job is to call BS if we’re on month 3 and no progress is being made ;).

The space between effort and expectation

Being excited about achieving a goal is amazing. In fact, it’s required. But sometimes the reality of the effort required to achieve the goal bursts the excitement bubble. I’m here to help set reasonable expectations on effort and provide perspective on reality.

Who do I partner with?

Spero Careers Canada has the knowledge and experience to coach and advise  a variety of groups. We each bring certain skill sets and lived experiences to the table. If run in to an area where another coach could be helpful, then we’re lucky to have a good talent pool to ask for help!


Looking to change careers, go back to school or learn some tools to organize life? Let’s put our thinking together and help you identify an actionable plan to move forward in to the life you see for yourself.


We’ve been working with employes on improving EDI, expanding workforces and improving internal communication for over 5 years.


We never know who could walk through the doors or what support they might need. There’s no way to cover everybody. That’s where we come in. We work with agencies to fill the skill gaps in supporting neurodivergent individuals.


As a trained coach and a parent in training of a 26 year old neurodivergent individual, I bring lived experience and professional experience together to help solve whatever challenges might be getting in the way.

My Approach

Our partnership is never about what I want. That’s not what I’m here for. Our partnership is about what is reasonable for you to achieve, how much accountability you need to get there and what are the best tools to achieve the goals we work together on creating an action plan for.

I’m not a counsellor, psychologist or therapist – I’m a strong thinking partner who see’s the world a little differently and will help you succeed. What does success look like? Well, that’s also part of our partnership discussions.

Success could be applying for 10 jobs a week.

It could be creating a plan to help tame the ADHD monster.

It could be how to improve communication at work.

We’ll work together to figure out what success means for you and then take action to make it happen!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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