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There are different approaches to coaching and you need to find the right one for you. We focus on a partnership approach. 

What Is Partnership Based Coaching?

Career Coaching Partner

A career coaching partner works with you to dive in to helping you break in to a new career or navigate a pivot. We don’t have a package of steps for you to follow. We work with you to create the steps you want to take.

Thinking Coaching Partner

Are you feeling stuck and not quite sure which way to move forward? It could be career, school or other goals. A thinking partner can help you develop a plan forward.

Accountability Coaching Partner

Accountability: this is key for some folks in order to achieve their goals. Not someone to nag or push but someone who works with you to set up deadlines and action items. And then holds you accountable to achieve them or helps you overcome roadblocks.

Skill Building Partner

Sometimes you’ve got a clear goal but there are certain skill sets that you might be struggling to develop. A skills partner can help you clearly define what steps you need to take and set up an action plan.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

This is a great question and one you SHOULD ask yourself! And us!

We offer a one hour complimentary chat with our coaches. This can happen online or in person. If you both decide it’s a good fit then we’ll set you up on a package of hours that you and your coach decide how to use!

Not really moving forward

Have you been trying to make a change happen for over six months and just can’t seem to get moving?

Do you struggle with staying organized?

Executive function challenges can have a huge impact on creating a plan and achieving goals.

Is your job search not getting anywhere?

Job searches are tricky for everyone. It might SEEM like other folks are getting ahead and you’re not but we are here to tell you that EVERYONE asks for some type of help!

Do you need support for stress?

Coaches are great for being the thinking partner that shines a little light on reality. Whether it’s the stories we’re telling ourselves or we’ve just hit a wall, coaches can help us move ahead.

Are you coming up against unexpected barriers?

Our coaches bring 10 different industries worth of experience and more than 60 years of combined practical coaching. That’s a team that has seen just about everything and will help you find a solution!

Our Approach

The Spero Careers Canada Coaching Team hold certain values as the most important: transparency, honesty and listening. We won’t have all the answers because we know that you likely do. What we do have is a good amount of curiosity that helps us to ask the right questions to find the answers with you, not for you.

Any type of change, which is what coaching is usually about, needs to involve the individual helping to design the process for that change. We help you do this through asking, listening and being creative. Did we mention that’s the motto for our whole company? You can see why it’s part of our coaching services as well.

Elizabeth Plouffe

Elizabeth Plouffe

Chief Minion and Coaching Partner

I’m a huge believer in asking why, giving as much information as someone needs, asking digging questions and holding people accountable. Tools include curiosity based coaching, Enneagram in the Workplace, Career Personality Profiler, mind mapping and my first love: whiteboards.

We need to work together to determine where you’re at, where you want to go and build the steps to get you there. I can help but it’s up to you to do the work! We set the timeline and steps together and build confidence in achieving goals.

Tags: coaching, strategy, communications, trades and interview prep

Paulette Goddard

Paulette Goddard

Chief Ausome and Coaching Partner

Paulette’s coaching style has been developed through over 30 years of supporting neurodivergent individuals. She does not believe in a one size fits all approach and works with clients to find their individual learning style.

Tags: coaching, strategy, employment, and interview prep

Liat Amitay

Liat Amitay


Neurodiverse individuals bring skills, experiences, and perspectives that can add value within organizations across various industries. To unlock their full potential, we must remove existing barriers that impact all members of an organization.

Bringing my expertise from agile coaching, project, product and client management, I support creating plans for success in the workplace. Hard won success would have come so much easier with the right supportive network. Because of this experience, I coach in a way that would have immensely benefited me throughout my career in web and software development, ensuring others have the support they need to thrive.

As a newly minted member of the autism and ADHD communities, my wife is thrilled to finally understand her distractible wife.

Tags: coaching, strategy, intersectionality, LGBTQ+, neurodiversity

Jason Bean

Jason Bean


I am passionate about Industry 4.0 & Generative AI, Champion for Neurodiversity, Speaker, Educator, Coach. Ready for a thoughtful dialogue? Let’s connect and pioneer change in manufacturing.

Delving deeper: With over two decades in manufacturing and automation, my journey has been about leading the charge in industrial evolution. Embracing the philosophy that innovation thrives on intelligent risk, I take a calculated approach to new ventures in technology and business practices.

Neurodiversity advocacy is a cornerstone of my work. I believe that neurodivergent individuals possess unique talents that, when supported, propel workplace innovation. My initiatives extend beyond conversations to actionable corporate education and strategic coaching, fostering environments that celebrate and utilize diverse minds.

Tags: coaching, strategy, communications, trades and interview prep

Paul Coleman

Paul Coleman

Chief Designer

30 years ago I started my career in Advanced manufacturing starting
as a plastic injection mold designer. I spent many years working with
international software development companies spearheading innovation in CAD/CAM automation and knowledge-based design. One of my biggest joy is helping others learn skills and advance their careers. I’ve taught courses in Design, CAD/CAM, CNC and others.

I’m also a father to four children. One with Autism and 3 with ADHD (and some other Neurodivergences). Watching their struggles and helping
them navigate their lives was like shining a spotlight on my own life. It was
then I realized how hard I’ve worked masking my own Neurodivergence. This
knowledge has been lifechanging and I never want another person to struggle without support like I did.

Employment coaching may be new to me, but I have
a lifetime of experience I can’t wait to share with anyone I can help.

Tags: coaching, strategy, employment, and interview prep

Maddy Dever

Maddy Dever


Maddy Dever (they/them) is a non-binary, Autistic adult and parent of five children with four who are also Autistic, living in Carleton Place in rural Eastern Ontario. Maddy advocates with both provincial and federal governments for inclusion and acceptance of Autistic individuals and for Autistic people to have their own voice in policy decisions.

Prior to 2020, Maddy had over 20 years in web & graphic design and in IT & Project management, working with many companies to improve their processes, empower their people, and enable their technology to work for them – not them for their technology. It’s always about finding the solution, not fixing the problem. This has translated well into their current life of advocacy.

Tags: coaching, strategy, intersectionality, LGBTQ+, neurodiversity

Lisa Blinn

Lisa Blinn

Accessibility Consultant

Digital accessibility specialist, storyteller, and tea drinking collaborator. I educate and advise clients about accessibility, perform audits, provide accessibility plans and teach accessible document design

Tags: coaching, strategy, communications, marketing and accessibility 

Donald Guse Salah

Donald Guse Salah

Business Coach

Donald has a background in employment services for job seekers with disabilities and work within the business community to support increased accessibility and inclusive employment practices. He has built and supervised a supported employment program for job seekers, as well as worked at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce training businesses in several aspects of accessibility and inclusive employment, while also providing recruitment support. Donald spent 2023 continuing this work with a national program called Canadian Partners in Workforce Innovation, and is currently supporting workforce development in the restaurant industry as a Director at Restaurants Canada. 

Tags: accessible and inclusive employment, employers, strategy

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We offer an entry level 4 hour package which is usually enough to decide whether coaching is the right fit for you. Once you’ve decided, we’ll build a coaching package that fits your needs and budget.

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We’re here to help you reach your goals and keep you accountable and on track. The key to success is you!

Neurodivergent Individuals


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This rate is for any neurodivergent indivdiual seeking out coaching. You are welcome to use this package of 4 hours with any of our coaches and have the option to share the hours between a maximum of two coaches. The use of the hours is entirely up to you and your coach to decide.

Parents and Service Providers


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We know that parents have questions and sometimes a service provider needs some answers. With this package you get 4 hours of access to any three of our coaches. This can be virtually or in person depending on geography.

If you have a finacial barrier that prevents you from accessing coaching, please approach us and let’s chat. We’ll try to be reasonable and work with you on a solution.

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