Let’s reduce your admin and give those hours back to clients!

Task Management

Assign clients tasks in between meetings and get clients closer to employment faster!


Meet clients where they are with built in SMS based communication in your coaching dashboard

Managing Shifts?

Our built in shift scheduler allows you to seamlessly deal with communication, tasks and shift scheduling all in one place.


Need to easily create a data picture around client appointment attendance or programs being delivered?

It’s time to stop duct taping software that doesn’t solve anything

NANAWorks has been co-designed with neurodivergent individuals and service providers

They’ve told us what works, what doesn’t, how it helps them solve many problems and reduces admin time so there’s more coaching time.

After all, that’s why you do what you do!

What Is NANAWorks?

Built in SMS based communication

We know that using email with clients is frustrating and that they usually go unanswered. We’ve solved that.

Are you running a work experience program?

An important part of that is scheduling participants and building multiple skills to get them ready for work.

Do clients miss meetings or show up late?

We’ve built a quick and easy way for SMS reminders and a graph that shows clients exactly what their track record is.

Manage your time easier

Are you having to switch from one software to another to manage clients? With NANAWorks, there’s one dashboard to handle many tasks and get you back to coaching

How Do I know If NANWorks is Right For Me?

NANAWorks is built to reduce admin for single coaches, to small teams to entire organizations.

Single Coaches

You don’t have time to worry about multiple tools to handle communication, scheduling, task management, progress in programs and more.

Small Teams

Reduce the time spent on reporting and admin and get back to coaching. Communicate easily with clients and share resources within your team quickly and easily.

Medium Organizations

Are you running a career development center at a college or university? Do you need to support neurodivergent students (well all students actually) a bit better?

Large Organizations

A lot of agencies rely on government funding and fundraising to keep the doors open. We help you find data quickly and easily to build a strong picture of what succeses you’re achieving with clients and keep the funding coming!

Across Canada

Are you delivering programming across Canada with multiple organizations? We already have a client successfully using NANAWorks for the same reason. It saves them time, improves communication and increases participant engagement.

Our Approach

From the beginning, our approach has been a collaborative co-design process that follows an iterative design path. What does that actually mean? We think it’s way more important to design and create NANAWorks WITH you than FOR you.

We know we’ve got a great foundation for success but without our clients telling us what actually works for them, that foundation can crumble. We are in this for the long haul to help as many job seekers as possible so knowing we ‘re doing things right is vital.

Our team is diverse in talent, interests, neurodiversity and creativity. One thing we all have in common? An approach that is inclusive.



Per Month



Single Coach: 10 Clients

Appointment management

Client Journal

Client Task management

DASS Assessment

CPP Assessment tracking

Enneagram Assessment tracking



Per Month



5 Users: 50 Clients

All the features in the basic plan, plus:

Group management

Access to NANAWorks Resource Library



Per Month



10 Users: Unlimited Clients

All the features in Team, plus:

Access to NANAWorks Resource Library

Access to NANAWorks Network

Build Your Skills Training Platform






Need a little more?

Do you need more user and clients? Or are you looking to have multiple organizations? Get in touch for custom pricing!

Still Have Questions?

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