NANAWorks Client Management Platform

We exist to build employment solutions for autistic job seekers by asking, listening and being creative.


We’ve spoken to a lot of employment coaches, admins and counsellors. They all tell us:

    How frustrating it is to not be able to reach more clients and then to have that time taken up with admin tasks.

    How it would be so much easier to help clients progress if the clients didn’t have to worry about transportation for face to face meetings all the time.


    How stressful it can be when clients show up for meetings and they haven’t done their assigned work or their mental health has taken a downward turn.


    How it’s so costly when they book time for clients and then the clients cancel last minute or just don’t show up at all.



    We’re here to help change the annoying parts of coaching in to ways to help clients succeed!

    We’re going to Jedi mindtrick you into taking on our project innocent

    Why do we need your help?

    One important differentiator of NANAWorks as compared to other CRM based softwares is our focus on both the coach and the client. It’s not enough to give tools to the coach to manage data. We need to set up all end users for success. The NANAWorks app is designed to become the client portal so that clients can not only manage appointments, tasks and communication but track their mindset about the process.

    A key challenge for the autism community is not getting bogged down in the bad days. While this is true for neurotypical and the greater neurodiverse community, autistic folks tend to struggle more. 

    We need your innovative brains, fresh eyes and eagerness to build something ausome to take our app to the next level!


    What Else Makes NANAWorks Ausome?





    Mohawk Project Outline

    File name : Mohawk-Software-Engineering-Project-Spero-Careers-Canada-November-2022.pdf

    Thank you!

    We appreciate you considering our project and after our successful project with a great team from Mohawk College last year and we look forward to the opportunity for a great experience again!

    Jason Little

    Chief Swissy


    Elizabeth Plouffe

    Chief Minion


    Paulette Goddard

    Chief Ausome


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