The story

This all started when I realized that my son was not going to get a job the old fashioned way …

To keep it simple: my son has Aspergers Syndrome (a form of autism) and I thought all people with Aspergers were like him. Until I discovered they weren’t.

This happened when I found the Autism Job Club and discovered something else. That all people can’t use job coaching the same way. Through my involvement with Silicon Halton and existing connections, I started putting together the pieces of technology that would help people who needed jobs gain access to the right coaches and tools to help them.

Elizabeth Plouffe

Elizabeth Plouffe



The idea for Spero started back in 2016 and has grown to become the platform you’re visiting today. Through partnerships, advisers and people way smarter than me, we’re making employment coaching and job success accessible to the autism community.

My connection to the Autism Community is as a parent of a son with Aspergers, three years volunteering with the Burlington Autism Job Club and two years with CASDA (Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance).

Paulette Goddard

Paulette Goddard

Autism Employment Coach


Paulette, through her business Calm Spectrum Consulting, has supported individuals with Autism in gaining employment, job coaching and skills  needed to move forward in life:  independent living skills, college skills, anxiety management.

She has supported individuals with autism as a coach and consultant for over 30 years.


Reema Duggal

Reema Duggal

e-Commerce - Adviser


Reema is the President and founder of the Sitaran Group specializing in e-commerce and strategic digital development. Reema is also the co-founder of Silicon Halton.

Reema has a strong focus on creating digital e-learning platforms and valuable content.

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Who can contact us? People looking to find a job. People wanting to keep a job. Coaches. Career Centres. Employers. If you have something to do with people on the spectrum getting a job? We're all ears!

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