Au Positive Tour

The name Comics Not Otherwise Specified is a nod to past versions of the DSM – the Diagnostic Statistical Manual. During a Global Pandemic they came together to form a new comedy group which will shatter myths about autism, inspire change and leave you laughing. Pat Tiffin came up with the tagline: The World’s Most Awkward Boyband.

“I think we fit our own niches. Michael (McCreary) is the Corporate Pro, Curran (Dobbs) is the alternative sweetheart, Adam (Schwartz) is the fringe festival darling and (Pat) is the lovable Comedy Club Underdog.” The pandemic presented an opportunity and these comics grabbed it.

Each one of these individuals has a lengthy “autism resume” – together they are a force for autism awareness, autism acceptance, inclusion, inspiration and success. In addition to being stand-up comics they are published writers, keynote speakers,  playwrights, actors and show producers. And they do it all with humour.

In May of this year they connected in southern Ontario for The Au Positive Tour – and they added River Christie-White, a hoop dancer from Oneida Nation of the Thames, to the group. And they filmed it! Come check them out!

Check out some of the highlights from our Degroote show

Want to see more of these amazing perfomers?
Check out the videos below!

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