Living Life to the Full


Want to know how to feel happier, more confident and worry less right now? Would you like to learn new ways of dealing with what life throws at you? Living Life to the Full is a fun and interactive course that will help you understand your feelings, thoughts and behaviours, and what to do about them!

The course was created by Dr. Chris Williams, a UK psychiatrist, expert in cognitive-behavioural
therapy or CBT. The course is based on the principles of this form of psychotherapy
and as we spend time together you will understand the approach and all this without
any jargon! And just because it’s based on a psychotherapeutic approach it does
not mean it’s therapy or counselling. We are here to get knowledge and skills to
change your life.


Starting October 6th!




What will you learn?

You’ll know how to feel happier.

You’ll know how to stop worrying so much.

You’ll learn a simple system that makes it easy to fix the things that may be going wrong in your life.

You’ll learn how to be strong, calm and unruffled in a crisis or conflict.

You’ll feel more confident.





What will you learn?

The importance of considering your daily routine
Also important: planning to do things you enjoy.
Recognizing what it’s like if you’re struggling and asking for help.
And finally closeness. How are you making time to be with others?




What will you learn?

Do you have unhelpful thought patterns or habits of thinking that seem to be with you all the time?

Learn to: label it, leave it, stand up to it, give yourself a break and then look at it differently.




What will you learn?

To replace negative thoughts about yourself with positive thoughts. How? Through group discussion about the amazing skills you have and the awesome things you do!




What will you learn?

The secret of how to fix almost everything – you start by breaking it into bite-sized chunks.

Break it into chunks. Brainstorm ways to do the first piece. Choose an idea and make a plan to do it. Check the plan and put it in to action!





What will you learn?

That some of the ordinary seeming things we do to make ourselves feel better, can actually make us feel worse and a plan to manage how to feel better!





What will you learn?

To identify buttons, warning signs, and develop escape hatches.

To give yourself respect. You’re powerful. You’re in control. You’ve been strong enough to keep your temper.





What will you learn?

Learn 10 small and easy ways to improve your life such as get outside more, eat good things and create moments of Wow!



Starting October 6th!


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