NANAWorks Client Management Platform

We exist to build employment solutions for autistic job seekers by asking, listening and being creative.


Admin is a drag

Every business has admin that we have to do. Why not make it as easy as possible?

Free Up Space

Use our built in file upload, notes, appointment notes and scratchpad to keep you and your clients on track!

Time is worth money!

When clients don’t show up or are late, you lose money. Sending them reminders adds to your admin and takes away responsiblity. We present: Mosquito Mode

Who is NANAWorks for?

Employment coaches and counsellors just like you. Whether you’re working on your own, with a small team or part of an organization, NANAWorks is designed to work for you. Why? Because we’ve designed it with folks just like you!

Most client management software only works for the person managing the data. While this is valuable, we believe if you’re going to invest in software for your business, it should work for your team and most importantly your clients. That investment needs to work as hard for you as you do for the people you’re supporting.

Thank you for visiting to learn more about NANAWorks.

We look forward to showing you how NANAWorks can work for you!

Why Choose NANAWorks?

More effective client management with tools built with an ASD lens: both autistic individuals and specialists in the field


Meet your clients where they are with SMS notifications and a simple client portal. Why keep sending emails that don’t work?

Executive Functioning

NANAWorks helps to build executive function skills which translates positively in to the workplace and activities of daily living.

Task Management

Our Kanban based task management tool helps clients build independence, workplace skills and progress.

Digitizing Forms

We have built in digitized forms and can work with you to digitize yours. 

mosquito and dance party mode

Curious? Get in touch to find out more!

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