What is autism? Well, it needed at least two podcasts to cover. It’s not called a spectrum for nothing 😉

In this episode, we start taking apart the language used in the medical model of working with the autism community. I was shocked to learn how much the focus is upon the negatives, the challenges, the deficits vs the amazing strengths, abilities and opportunities which autism can provide.

Is medical language sometimes necessary? Yes. When you have to navigate within the standard models of funding or any medical situation. Why? Because sometimes you need to meet people where they are in regards to their way of engaging with the situation. Do we need to use it all the time? Heck no! And there is an important reason why.

When someone spends their life hearing how they are deficient. How they lack. How they are “maladaptive”. What choice do they have but to start to believe these opinions? To build it in to their psyche? The choice is for those using the language. To find the positive. To reframe the language so that things are not pathologized but put in to a context which brings a positive light to the situation.


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