Date: August 22, 2023

Burlington, ON: Spero Careers Canada announces release of neurodivergent focused employment support online platform with across Canada program EmploymentWorks.

Spero Careers Canada is excited to announce that their employment support platform, NANAWorks, has officially begun supporting neurodivergent job seekers through the EmploymentWorks program developed by The Sinneave Family Foundation. The program is delivered in partnership with organizations across Canada.

Initially developed in 2018, to support job seekers looking for services, NANAWorks pivoted when research showed that employment support services were where innovation was needed in job search support. Elizabeth Plouffe, founder of Spero says, “After speaking to more than 30 employment specialists and agencies, Spero Careers Canada realized that being able to streamline communications, offer more in depth and easier tracking of program participation and the ability to create data rich stories for organizations would be a better use of NANAWorks.”

The Sinneave Family Foundation has been a huge supporter of the development of NANAWorks and the importance of how it can help more job seekers access services, increase communication and help reduce administrative tasks for employment specialists. 

Tanya McLeod, President of The Sinneave Family Foundation, says, “We are pleased to implement NANAWorks as a communication tool for program staff and participants. It will be made available to 9 service providers across Canada that deliver EmploymentWorks in partnership with The Sinneave Family Foundation as part of a national project aimed at enhancing employability and promoting inclusion.” Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities Program, the EmploymentWorks program offers 12 months of innovative programming and supports to help participants in preparing for, getting and keeping good jobs, as well as the pursuit of further education. In addition to multiple in-person program locations from coast to coast, EmploymentWorks Online ( is available to people living anywhere in Canada. 

Spero Careers Canada exists to build employment solutions with the neurodiverse community through asking, listening and being creative. In addition to the online solution NANAWorks, we also focus on employment solutions in advanced manufacturing and trades. Our programming includes introducing neurodiversity training to employers and job opportunities to neurodivergent individuals. 


Media Contact: Elizabeth Plouffe

Chief Minion, Spero Careers Canada


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