A few years ago I was pivoting in my businesses. I had been running MCV Communications for a few years and founded Spero Careers Canada during that time as well as At My Office Canada. No rest for the wicked 😉 A few life changing things happened and I decided to concentrate solely on Spero Careers Canada. I became a full time woman technology founder: fun fact? I have no experience in developing tech. I just had an idea and the determination to make it happen. Another thing I had? I had discovered “I Say Yes” as a mantra. Whenever I felt like I wasn’t sure which way to go or what to do next (entrepreneur’s life right?), I’d slow down and just say yes.

Part of saying yes is being open to opportunities even though I might not really know where it’s going to end up. Back in 2020, I said yes to exploring autism and advanced manufacturing. After all, I’m the mother of an autistic young man, I’m married to a dyslexic millwright / electrician and we run the Autism Job Club for Halton Region. Easy peasy right? Turns out it’s less easy and more peasy but saying yes began opening doors I’d never considered before so the power of yes continued to work it’s magic.

It was through saying yes to a connection to Manufacturing Masters that I was reacquainted with EMC (Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium). I connected with Tiffany and was offered the opportunity to speak about neurodiversity in advanced manufacturing and trades. As we’ve expanded our neurodivergence to include learning differences and ADD / ADHD, this was great! So I said yes.  EMC has been gracious enough to share the recording with me and let me share it with you. What I love about this opporutinty are the questions that came up, the positive comments and how engaged the attendees were. I know neurodiversity is a newer concept for most of society but it’s definitely on the spanky new side for advanced manufacturing and trades. To be able to share this message is an experience I’ll always be grateful for saying yes to.


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