As the parent of an A child you have many moments where the floor does not conveniently swallow you up and you are left to deal with whatever has just popped out of your ever lovin’ childs mouth. Most times the other party laughs it off – some times they don’t. I just read Jess’ blog about sexy Spencer and have to share my story. Thanks for the laugh Jess – I needed that.

So we’re in the doctors office – again. Thomas is about 3 and has learnt the power of frustration. We are helping him deal with that as best we can. Apparently there are those in our house who are not dealing as well as they should as I am about to discover. My son is happily playing with those dirty, nasty, make you cringe doctor’s office toys. He is getting frustrated and I mention that calming down might be a good choice. In a stellar moment of childhood my son stands up, puts his hands on his hips and says none too quietly – Oh for F#!ks sake ! Hmmmm, say I. I guess someone has been cussing in the house and I guess Thomas’ hearing is not as bad as we thought. We didn’t know at this point that he actually has hyperacuity. So I say to myself, Self – whose fault is this really ? And myself says – yours you potty mouth. So I call my son over and congratulate him on the proper use of the term, remind him that we need to speak to Daddy when we get home and calmly advise him not to use that phrase again.

Damn that Daddy ! Can’t he learn to control his f#!$ing mouth ?

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