So my friend says to me she says – well you must see my new blog. I says to myself I says – ok I must. Well it’s so darn pretty I immediately think – I must keep up. So off I trot to keep up and of course I can’t pick the damn available templates, I have to go in search of “the” template. It’s now been over an hour and after wiping out my previous blog but not quite, I found my new template and set it up. And quite frankly I like it – it’s kind of weird like me and my boy. Colorful, quirky, fun, different – there are worse things to be called.

It’s funny how I’m funny about change. I like it and loathe it. I want to keep up and I don’t. What I fail to realise is that I have a choice and my son doesn’t. It strikes me sometimes as I write the challenges he will face and he doesn’t even know it. I don’t think it enters his conciousness – thank God. If he knew what he faced he’d start drinking. God knows I’ve often thought of that particular coping method. But I think my son has the right idea. He deals in the here and now with a little foray into the past every now and again. He doesn’t worry about the next day, never mind next year. He just is. He just goes along his merry way and doesn’t worry about the small stuff.

One then has to examine the small stuff. What is small stuff really ? Does it matter that he wanted to wear his long johns under his pants in 26 degree heat today? Yes and no as he was going on a field trip to the RBG. Can you say hot and itchy ? Does it matter that he relates all things according to how old he was at the time ? Not really. That’s just how he puts things in place for him. Does it matter that his ears are for decoration only ? Yes and no depending on which side of the desk you are sitting on. God Bless you Mr. Highley – you had no idea did you ? Does it matter that he talks about babies ? Hell, at least it isn’t fire he perseverates on. Does it matter that my heart breaks when I think of what lies in store for him ? Yes and no – it’s my problem not his. It only matters when I let it out in front of him – the worry and the fear. It can manifest itself as frustration and bad temper. Then I make the small stuff into big stuff which is kind of dumb of me.

My son has the right idea. Why sweat the small stuff ? Why indeed.

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