When this life ends and I go to whereever I’m to go, I will know that I did it with love and I fought for what I believed in.
Sounds deep huh ? I was watching TV tonight which is my guilty pleasure. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke anything. I can’t eat chocolate anymore. I don’t take anything prescription. TV is my drug. Those 7 pulses per second put me in to a lovely coma that let’s me escape from my brain. Occasionally I learn something. Tonight I learned two things and one didn’t even involve TV.
I was watching Private Practice which I greatly enjoy. Towards the end a gentleman sits in hospital and while I didn’t catch the beginning, the ending involved him espousing a life lesson. Fight the good fight. If you need something in this life, if you want something in this life, fight for it. If it is important enough to you, make it worth the fight. This is what I have done for my son. I have pulled on my steel toes every day and fought for him. This is what I have done for any battle that I feel is worthy. I have had lawyers disbarred. I have won lawsuits. I have beaten employers at the sexual harrassment game. Lately, I have had car repairs covered. If someone is doing something wrong to me or my family, I fight. They are worth it and I am worth it. I will go the end of my days and look back and know that I have fought the good fight.
Then I got a phone call. This is precipitated by an old acquaintance from highschool whom I haven’t seen in 20 years ordering a cake from me. She had seen my cakes on Facebook and ordered one for her daughter. I was a bit stumped but was quite pleased by the request and so I’ve been baking and making icing and fondant. I will make the very first birthday cake for her very first child. This is quite an honor. The phone call tonight was from the acquaintance who wanted to touch base. As we chatted we got around to the cake. She said to me, “When I saw those pictures I knew the cakes had been baked with love.” I was stunned. I greatly enjoy baking. I love that I use quality ingredients and that people are not going to be eating loads of chemicals and junk. I love that they smile and that I am chosen to be a part of their special day. I love how the eyes light up in the children whose day I’ve helped to make happy. I do bake with love but never realized that it showed.

So what did I learn you ask ? I’ve learned that fighting for what is right is worth fighting for. I’ve learned that had I not fought the good fight, I would have looked back on my life and regretted it every day. I can take pride that I am small part of the wonder that are my children. I will own that accomplishment. And I will know that I did it with love and that it showed. My beautiful children, my loving husband, my cared for mother, my clear conscience – all are because I choose to fight the good fight and I do it with love.
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