Doesn’t that sound like an imposing title ? Worth the Fight ! Is she going to get her butt kicking boots on again and tirade against those who don’t help her son ? No.

This is something that I needed to explain to my son one day. A few months back, he asked a question that I’ve since forgotten which prompted me to reply, “Because you are worth it.” I explained to him that I will fight his whole life to get him what he needs. As my mother has proven time and again, you never stop caring for your kids. My children will be no exception. My son requires a little more effort but I fight for my daughter as well. She is currently being bullied by a “queen bee” who has admitted that she finds Vanessa threatening. She says she is jealous of what my daughter can do. GOOD ! My daughter has a lot to be proud of and she shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it. We ended up having a long talk about jealousy and being true to yourself. I looked her in the eye and said, ” I believe in you and I will always believe in you. You are smart, funny, loving and cute and you have no reason not to believe in yourself.” She seemed to get it and appreciate that my sentiments came from the heart. Having said that, I would like to take little miss Queen Bee and knock her chicklets in.

Back to my boy.

My son will be getting approved shortly for technological help in the classroom. He will be receiving a laptop, scanner, printer and four different softwares so that he can achieve his potential in school. It has taken me three years to get this but it will be worth the fight. My son is smart. My son is creative. My son loves to read. He does not like to learn in the classroom. He cannot retain what is being said to him as his memory is so poor. He cannot follow directions well as his ADD takes him to places far beyond the walls of his classroom. He needs this help and I have great hope for it. He will now be able to show them what he is capable of. All along the school has said, we know he can do more – thank God they hadn’t completely written him off ! There will be a special place by the hobs of hell if that technology does not come through and God alone will not be able to protect those who deny my son what he needs. The shit kickers will come out.

But let’s be positive. I am going to be cautiously optomisitic that the school board will fulfill it’s obligation to help my son and implement the recommendations of the psychologist. I am going to remain hopeful that the special resource team will continue to get the support they need in order to continue helping my son. I am going to remain certain that if any of this falls apart and hinders my son’s education, that not only will they be aware that he is worth the fight but they will feel the steely toe of my shit kickers right where it counts.

My children will always be worth the fight and I hope that my actions on their behalf prove this to them. I hope they grow up confident knowing that I will back them up and be there for them always and forever. I think I am succeeding as evidenced by this little tale – One day we were discussing the importance of stranger safety. I was drilling in to their heads that not all strangers are friendly and some might try to take them from me. My son piped up and said, “I don’t worry about that Mom. You’d find me.” Then my daughter piped up and said, “Yeah – and then she’d kill them”. Out of the mouths of babes….

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