The day has come when we have to face September again. I have one child ready and raring to go. Thomas, not so much. He seems to try to get excited because he sees that his sister is, I think. I try to pump him up about the technology that is coming and how much easier this year will be. Doesn’t seem to be working so much yet. I’m hopeful…. that I don’t have to be medicated myself this year..

So far he has actually done quite well. This is a child who has Asperger’s, ADD, short term memory issues, fine motor integration problems, asthma, allergies and dyslexia. Doesn’t get any better than that in this gene pool. He is pleasant, friendly, loving, caring, witty, creative, funny, cute, daring, brave, empathetic and many other things. So I guess the two go hand in hand. I couldn’t have him the way he is without having the “issues” that go with him. While they don’t define who he is or what he can do, they do make up parts of his personality. And while he drives me two types of crazy, I love his personality. He is quirky. He is interesting. He worries me.

I worry that he won’t make friends this year. I worry that he won’t care that he doesn’t have friends. I worry that he will care he doesn’t have friends. I am starting to worry about his being able to get a decent job. Or hold any job at all.

So this September I will try to embrace his personality. I will try to embrace his learning issues. I will try to remember to hold off putting on the shit kickers until absolutely necessary. I will try to remember to be patient and polite with the school board.

Great. It’s September. Again. Woohoo….

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