Ugh – this font issue is going to give me gray hairs. Oh look – it already has. Amazing.

My lizard is apparently focused on some intensely fascinating piece of I don’t know what in his tank. He is stretched out straight up over his climbing wood and hasn’t moved in a while. Maybe he has found his happy place. Mine is still Bora Bora …

So after another game of catch up and get knocked back, I’ve decided I need to kick up this writing thing and make it happen. Are you not familiar with that game ? Let me enlighten you. This is the game where the gods of chance drop some money in your path. This can be a lucky lottery ticket, a generous relative, or in my case retroactive child tax benefits. Now as mentioned in blogs past, we are perpetually tight for money. Quite recently it was a huge decision if I could afford to buy shampoo. You get the idea. Well in this game, the gods drop this lovely bit of extra money in your path and then you sit and wait. What are you waiting for you ask ? Well the other shoe of course ! Because in this game is the whammy clause. Any money dropped in your path during times of lean income shall not be used for pleasure to help you deal with said lean times. Oh no – that would be against the rule of being perpetually tight for cash. When the money drops, so does the shoe and WHAMMY – something breaks. In my case, my computer is having anxiety attacks and the disk drive is apparently on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Thank God for my son’s Cub leader who is also an IT and works for cookies and tea. Thank God I can bake like a demon with their tail on fire.

Needless to say, this has spurned me on to doing something about earning extra cash. Since I’m only down five pounds on my eating changes (aka diet – yeah for me !), swinging a pole is not an option. Plus I blush like crazy and get all goose pimply if it’s breezy. Given what you wear when swinging a pole, I can guarantee this wouldn’t generate much cash for me.

So I must do something. The question is, what do I talk about ? Who do I send my pearls of wisdom too ? What lord of the printing press must I dazzle with my humorous verbosity ? Well, I’m going to find out. Hopefully before both my computer and myself suffer from total breakdowns and lose the catch up get knocked back game by spending all our loot on a trip to somewhere warm. Bora Bora sounds nice ….

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