This whole editing process, creative process, learning process – it is making my brain cry out for water.  I am trying to get my “stuff” out there.  I am trying to get my creative voice heard.  I believe I have a certain amount of creative talent but this whole slugging through the learning process is just slaying me.  I have set up a few blogs.  I have set up Facebook pages.  I have set up a website but this WordPress is making me want to lay down and weep.

Well melodrama isn’t going to get me anywhere.  I will pull up the proverbial socks and keep on trying to figure it out.  I may go so far as to actually invest in this creative process financially and see if that doesn’t ease the learning burden.  Maybe I am trying to fight something that only a credit card with a bit of room on it might fix.  Maybe I need to abandon my aversion to alcohol, throw back a shot of something worthy of a scorched throat and let the pages fall where they may.

Or, maybe I will just hire someone with a lower learning curve than I to invest their genius in making this whole process less painful.  I wonder if they have writers’ epidurals ?

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