I sometimes wonder where I get my hutzpah from.  My mother, while quite a straight forward, plain speaking kind of lady, can take quite a bit of crap lying down.  I, however, seem to be forever balanced on the tips of my toes waiting for the chance to engage some one in a battle of some kind.   I would assume that having a father with the nickname “The Cobra” might have something to do with my ever present adrenaline addiction to debating and conflict.  In spite of this, it is with some trepidation that I begin to actively pursue writing opportunities.

I write this because today my son and daughter asked me if I could build a house or a car.  My immediate response was of course not !  Upon immediate reflection of that statement, I changed my mind.  If I truly needed to build a house, I could do it.  It might not look too pretty, but I know that I would somehow manage to get some kind of shelter up that would not fall on us in the middle of the night.  I may need to reinterpret the literal meaning of house to get it done but isn’t that what being creative is all about ?  The car might be a little more challenging but if the Professor and Skipper can make one out of bamboo and palm fronds, I’m sure I could get something together.

What I said to my daughter is that I will try anything because it usually doesn’t occur to me that I might fail.  However, in this writing thing it has occurred to me that I might fail.  The feedback from others has been quite positive but upon researching the industry I have come to the conclusion that it will definitely take some work.  This is good.  I don’t like it when things come easy.  It takes away the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that I get once I’ve succeeded.  I don’t doubt that on some level I will succeed with this.  The adage, “I can feel it in my bones” would definitely apply here.  Note to self – find out the origin of that statement.  It’s kind of creepy when you think about it…

By purusing different writing opportunties and taking some chances I will give myself one thing I feel I lack which is certification.  I don’t have the precious piece of paper which will reassure editors that I can do this job and have the training.  All I have is the positive feedback of friends and family who have said for years that I have a talent for writing.

The time has come to put aside the feelings of trepidation and with certainty step forward and believe what I told my kids today.  It has occurred to me before that I might fail.  What I choose to do now is ignore that and believe I will succeed.

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