This has been a busy week.  BUSY.  Between a lovely family visit, visiting Casa Loma with my Guide unit, cleaning and making cupcakes, I’d say I’m good for right now.  This was actually all in three days but it seemed like a week.  I did, however, manage to still work at my Artists Way as well.  This week was a neat exercise on people we admire in public and in private.  While one might be proud to admit admiration for Buddha or Katharine Hepburn, both of whom made my list, one might not be so vocal about other people we admire.  I have a bit of admiration for Nicole Ritchie.  She seems to have risen above her Paris Hilton days and really made something of herself.  She is using her talents in a responsible way, keeping her underwear on when out, taking care of her kids and is seemingly devoted to her partner.  Now her life has absolutely no impact on my life whatsoever.  Her life is not something I aspire to in any way.  But I do admire someone who matures and develops and rises above what society thinks about them rather than continuing to pander to the masses to make a buck.  Paris Hilton was over before she started.  She is now completely over and I think everybody knows it but her.  How sad that the only thing she appears to be trying to cash in on are her looks.  I hesitate to use the word fading as she is only 30 (????) but it’s what comes to mind.  I won’t waste any more typing on her either.  She is so pathetic she hurts my brain.

Regardless of my seguay, the point is that I admire a wide variety of people.  My top 5 are Katharine Hepburn, Gene Kelly, Buddha, Julia Child (who I forgot on my original list), and Leonardo Da Vinci.  I also had King Henry the VIII.  Now he might be a bit of an odd choice but you have to admire a man who is willing to risk eternal damnation for the woman he loves.  That’s just gutsy.  Now he might also have been completely delusional in his pursuits but gutsy none the less.  All of these people were creative, dynamic, assertive and individualistic.  They lived their lives by their beliefs and stuck by them.  Part of the exercise is to select qualities that you admire and see if they are in your group of friends.  I am pleased to report I have that in spades.  I am a lucky lady that way.  I am also pleased to report that once I stepped back and really had a look at the list, I could safely say that I too encompass these qualities.   Or at least I try hard to encompass them anyway.

I’m quite hopeful that as I continue to work my way through the process I will continue to identify good qualities about myself and others and accept that I might in fact not be as horrible as I sometimes belief myself to be.

Synchronicity was a focus in this chapter as well.  What is the Universe doing to help me achieve my goals ? What am I doing to listen more closely to the Universe and pay attention to it’s message ?  I’m going to continue to put my hopes out there and see what the Universe hands me.  I’ll keep working the process, keep reaching for my goals, keep meeting my expectations and setting new ones.  Putting the work in is what gives you results.  If the Universe is listening, so much the better.  We can work it through together.

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