As the thunder rumbles (what other way is there to describe thunder I wonder), I dash this off.  My creativity has been somewhat sucked up by productivity.  This morning I baked cookies for the class and felt a bit better.  This weekend I have the pleasure of making a not so much of a surprise anymore birthday cake.  And then there is the school work.  For this I get to be a bit creative this weekend.  I get to start working on our team media relations plan, plumping up my portfolio and working on a fact sheet – all to make the grade.

This week saw redemption on the grade front – I got an A !  Not my first A but the work required was a little more significant.  To me effort makes it count more.  I also handed in three projects this week and at least one of those better spit out an A.  One of them almost had me spitting nails so I hope it’s that one !

Trying to make the grade is giving me a sense of accomplishment that is for sure.  I am seeing that I have matured as a student.  I plan ahead better, although with two kids, a house, a husband and a guide unit never mind my dog, my lizard and my pet squirrel I really have no choice.  I have a better perspective on how to get the work done and at what level I need to be at in order to make the grade.

I have learned a lot from the team I am working with.  We all seem to have similar values in the quality of work we are willing to put our names on.  They definitely make the grade in my book.  They have reminded me to be open-minded.  They help me not to take my old self so seriously.  They are all A’s.

I probably grade myself far harder than any instructor ever could.  For the project that had me spitting nails, I was thinking of things to add and change right up until we handed it in.  Never so glad as to see the ass-end of a pile of paper in my life.  It definitely will make the grade.  We worked our collective asses off and I have the candy corn stretch marks to prove it !  If that doesn’t get an A+ I will be beyond blergh and straight in to the pumpkin mellocremes.

So now I’m going to work on that ass that is being stretched by candy-corn.  I’m going to give myself a failing grade right now.  My eating habits are in the pooper.  I’m not walking.  I’m not stretching.  I’m not doing much of anything about it other than moaning and waiting for someone else to fix it.  A definite D at this point.  Not quite a failure yet as I know I have it in me to succeed.  I’ve still got my freshman 15 from the last time I went to college 15 years ago.  This time I plan to leave it behind.  By the end of the year my ass will also earn a place on the honor roll.

This year will be about making academic grades.  It will be about making personal grades.  It will be about being above grade.  It will be about embracing the creative process in all it’s forms and remembering to give away more cookies than I eat.  It will be about remembering that simply by taking this step towards a better life and a better me I am already A worthy.

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