When is enough too much ?  Is that even possible ?? I’ve been absolutely bursting to write and have not been able to.  Ideas have swum before me like a fish in a bowl.  And just like that fish who goes past the castle and forgets each time that it’s there, I forget the ideas.  They vanish.  I’ve even stopped myself from getting too involved from developing the idea because I know I’ll forget.  The bubble of creativity fills, bursts and the idea is gone.

But this morning I shunned the electrical world for good old pen and paper.  I didn’t wait for the laptop to heat up and get moving.  I sat my butt down and wrote for almost an hour.  Poem after poem.  My head felt cleaner, lighter, less jumbled.  It felt so good to let the words go and see where they took me.  It felt so lovely to finally give voice to some of the ideas instead of stuffing them in a back corner to mold and decay.  Such a waste on those days.

So I’m going to try to not put the words in storage.  I am going to plan time.  I am going to look back on all those prompts I wrote in a creative fit and see what comes.  I think I must.  I think I must also use the pen.  The connector.  The ancient one.  The plug-free version whose limitless possibility for creativity is only inhibited by the cramp in my fingers.  I think it’s time to remember to go old school and build my castle brick by brick.

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