I am persevering on my yoga journey.  I started in October (?) with my friend and we have been quite consistent.  I’ve added an extra class and it’s making a huge difference to my flexibility and progress.  Whoda’ thunk that effort would reap reward ?

The difference yesterday was finding the breath in my practice.  I kept my focus, brought myself back to the moment and kept my breath.  It was incredible by the end.  Bordering on life changing I would almost say.  Because towards the end, I didn’t need to breathe.  I didn’t have to gulp for air and rejuvenate.  I was able to lie in savasana and focus on being in the moment not gasp like a dead fish.  My mind was clear.  My breath steady.  And at one point I just stopped breathing.  I didn’t feel the need to.  Weird right ?

I tried it a couple of times.  How long could I lie there and not breathe.  As I already stated – weird right ? But I was so comfortable, so oxygenated, so restful that my body was full of whatever I needed that I didn’t need to worry.  This was such a profound moment in the progress of my practice that I’ve contemplated it ever since.  What does it mean this lack of breathing ?

For me – I think it will give me encouragement.  It gives me confirmation that I’ve found a form of exercise that I should be able to stick with.  My lack of breathing confirms that I am in the moment during my practice and am making progress.  To me, this is something to quietly celebrate and maybe shout about.  Once I’ve caught my breath that is.

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