So that’s why I feel like a slug on Valium !  I’ve wondered for quite a while why my energy levels are so blech and now I know.  That sneaky alter-ego, double dosha-ing Kapha has been playing havoc with my person.  Sneaky little monkey.  Unfortunately for me, the solution to this particular imbalance is exercise.  Ironic ? I don’t think so.

Once again, the universe is coming together to bash in to my head once and for all that there are no quick fixes, no easy ways, and no reason to live half a life.  I try to circumvent the exercise requirement by keeping my mind busy but all that does is create an imbalance in my Pitta by making my brain go a little off the beam.  Or at least more so than normal.  Even in Ayurveda my split personality causes problems.

I will continue with my new mantra of, “I can do this” by flipping my dog and walking my dog on the path back to balance.  From the looks of things, we’ll all benefit.

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