I never thought I would live to see the day where Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra and Perez Hilton would all share the same stage and be exchanging lessons in spirituality.  It was a bit trippy to say the least.  That is not to say that any of these people is better than the other but you have to admit that Perez Hilton has never really promoted himself as the “awareness” kind of guy.  Apparently he has changed.  In doing so, he is having what he calls “aha orgasms”.  Besides the positive association with the other big “O”, and I don’t mean Oprah any more, this really struck me as worth remembering.

Big “O” moments come to us all.  Mr. Chopra called it moments of transcendence but quite frankly the other way is more fun.  I’m all for discovering your spiritual side and seeing what greater power works for you.  If it involves shouting “oh gawd” in the height of passion or “oh God!” in the deepest moments of despair, then let it out.  Both have elements of spirituality though you’d best watch where you shout it regardless of your particular meaning.

The stage they were sharing was for Oprah’s Lifeclasses.  I’ve been watching Miss Winfrey for many years and quite frankly this is probably some of the best TV she’s ever done.  Some may pan her efforts to educate and enlighten but it is growing on me.  Her guests are intriguing and some are new to me.  TD Jakes is someone who is teaching the world to forgive.  This was a huge aha orgasm for me.  I am not one to forgive lightly and it weighs me down every day.

Holding a grudge is like holding your breath: you end up an ugly shade as you slowly strangle yourself to death.  There is no power in a grudge except over the holder.  There is no solace in withholding forgiveness.  There is no comfort as it only hurts yourself.  And it is tiring.  Bone wearying, soul depressing, creativity crushing, mind filling tiring.  It takes energy that could be used for light and makes it dark and negative.  I think I would rather be a candle than a smoldering fire.

So while I’m not a huge fan of touchy feely sharing stories, I think this will be mine.  I’ve signed up to watch the Lifeclass tour that Miss Winfrey recently had.  My goal is to prepare myself for the inevitable multiple aha orgasms that will occur during these shows.  Is it something I should take on right now ? Probably not.  While school is over, the internship and subsequent job hunt begins.  But I truly believe that I am holding myself back from the success I could be between being an unforgiving person and forgetting to meditate.  I am worth the effort to learn to exhale.

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