Research. Investigation. Digging. Probing. Scrutinizing. What are these all synonyms for ? Due diligence. The process by which one endeavours to protect one’s interests from the potentially unscrupulous scourge of humanity who prowl on those who fail to do any less than their level best at the due of the diligence.  One would think that this base skill would be at the mastery of every able bodied, sentient being. I discovered that this is not so. Me? I’m just thankful I learned it sooner than later.

What prompts this verbose espousal on the necessity, nay the very responsibility, of everyone to do their due diligence? My husband. To make the situation short and sweet: he does not see the value of due diligence or at least he fails to comprehend that yes, it does have to happen every time. He does not embrace my healthy scepticism when it comes to someone keeping their word or being as upstanding as they say they are. This attitude is borne of years of experience with tricky car salesman and oily boyfriends. Lest you think I male bash, I’ve had my fair share of women smile sweetly while trying to screw me over too.

I did not always embrace the importance of the due diligence process though I did put it in to practice.  I was the very picture of naiveté and in some instances still am.  It still shocks me when someone rips me off.  It still surprises me to find out someone has lied to me.  It still annoys me intensely when the fine print isn’t exactly what the nice salesperson explained. At least if the situation presents itself, I have no problem throwing my facts about like little airborne piranhas. Makes it easier to chew them a new hiney.

Research was my friend long before I even knew what due diligence was. I learned early on that not being prepared (darn that Lord Baden Powell: he really had something with that) could cost me too much.  Plus I love research. I love finding information. I love putting strategy together. I love learning new view points. Most of all ? I love being right. Due diligence feeds that little monster too. Not right to the point of no one else is right. If you’ve done your research then bring it on. But if you haven’t … well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My point ? Take the time to practice you skills of research. I would hope that you wouldn’t marry the first person that answers your personal. You’d take the time to get to know them, check things out, make some discreet enquiries amongst friends. Hopefully do a little police background check … OK that might be too much but I’m sure there are women out there who through boozy eyes that were dazzled by Elvis’ jumpsuit, married some guy who reminded them of Hugh Jackman before doing their due diligence and discovering he was more like Booger from Animal House. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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