I am a part time yoga-ist. Usually  my interest peaks during the winter months when I’m trapped inside and desperately neeeeeeed a bout of warmth. The gym I go to offers hot yoga so let’s just say my attendance also experiences a peak during our dark Canadian winters. I haven’t learned to love the gym in summer quite YET.  At home, however, it’s me, my mat, sometimes my dog and some music to help me focus. Deep breaths, bends, twists, extensions. All attempts to undo the knots and tension I grind in to myself all week. What struck me today was that yoga is full of YET’s. I can’t do that side pose properly YET but I will. I’m not quite able to hold a plank for a full ten breaths YET but I will. My hamstrings and calves refuse to let my heels touch the floor in downward dog YET but they will. What does seeing things in terms of yets get you? Possibilities.

I’m on my third career. First it was travel and tourism. Then it was medicine. And now it’s communications. But I don’t think I’m done YET. I have more possibilities inside me. Taking my time on the mat and actually slowing down to breathe and focus and take a moment to listen provides me with insights that are normally much more fleeting and far less introspective. Who has time to think about YET’s when you are just trying to get through NOW. But that is short sighted thinking. Always being in NOW? Never wondering about what you haven’t done YET? That keeps you tied up in far tighter knots than yoga could ever address.

This particular bout of genius has given me a bit of freedom in my busy brain. Just because I haven’t done something YET doesn’t mean I have to do it NOW because the possibility exists as long as I choose. Yes, life can throw me a curve ball and maybe my YET’s will have to change but that’s the cool part. I have YET’s to come that I don’t even know about. Who knows when I’ll finally be able to do the King Pigeon pose? Can I do it NOW? Nope. Not YET.



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