So I’ve had some good reasons for singing a lot over the past few weeks. If you didn’t read my last post – singing is a great way to relieve stress. People might think you are a total wack-a-doodle if you do this while walking down the street but hey, your shower is your shower so belt it out. What’s been happening you ask? Well, quite a lot.

I’ve been working through some employment issues for the past few months. And by issues I mean I applied for a ton of jobs at, above and below my experience and credentials and nary a nibble. Not the most heartening story to share but it has a happy ending so I’ll continue. After weeks of beating my head against the proverbial glass door, I decided to open my own door. What’s that you say? You’ve opened a door? How is that life changing? I’ve changed my life because I opened up the door on owning my own business. I’ve joined the entrepreneurial work force.

Now this isn’t my first kick and the entrepreneurial can. I’ve had a gardening business. I still own and operate a part-time cake decorating business and photography business but they are very part-time. Very. This will be different. This is going to be my full-time gig for the foreseeable future. Welcome to MCV Communications.  I specialize in communications strategy development for healthcare based businesses as well as corporate event planning and office process development. I’ve also gone in to “partnership” with a good friend of mine and have opened up the Social Fusion Network for Health Professionals. My point isn’t to promote all these new opportunities (though it can’t hurt) but to share what happened during a meeting with my second client.

It’s a great story to be told over coffee with many coincidences and a-ha moments so I’ll give you the highlight that stood out for me.  He said something during the meeting about beating my chest. Not in a Tarzan / Jane way but in a wow this is something to be proud of way. The simple way he said it had a huge impact on me. He was right. I should be proud of this. I should be sharing and telling this story of building my business and working with this client. This is something! I’m on my way to helping companies and other entrepreneurs succeed! Beat my chest indeed!

Beating the chest is something that doesn’t come easy for most people.  Or if it does, typically they are a bit smug and overbearing about it. This is probably one of the major reasons I’ve never been a huge chest beater as I don’t want to be seen that way. Communications, however, is all about the chest beating. It’s about getting your message out there in a way that people respond to in a positive way and I get to be a part of that. I’m now in a position to help people beat their chests and share their story. And if I get to take part in a bit of chest beating too, then hey, I’m in.

My point? I spent a lot of time being afraid to beat my chest. I am lousy at taking compliments. I am quick to give other people credit over myself. What did that get me? Not much. But with this new-found perspective on what chest beating can build and accomplish perhaps it won’t be so hard to overcome those fears and embrace pride as a meaningful tool to help myself and others accomplish goals and be successful.


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