Guest on my new podcast that is …


So I’ve decided to jump on the podcasting bandwagon not the least of which because it allows me another avenue to be chatty. My ability to be verbose via the written word is NOTHING compared to getting me going with a fellow chatter and a good topic. So the Across the Desk podcast was born. What’s the point of this podcast you ask? Simple: small business owners and entrepreneurs, what they do, why they do what they do and how they can help you. This point drives At My Office Canada’s entire vision and mission and now we’re bringing it to your speakers.

Since James Burchill has been quite the supportive and patient fellow since I started my first business (MCV Communications), I thought it only right that he be my first. I’ve known James for about 4 years now and he’s also responsible for my relatively new title of Queen of Networking. Not self-entitled I can assure you. But I do get around and so people have begun calling me that. I’d like to know where my damn tiara is but that’s another podcast and blog post …


So what are we talking about? Well things like the reality of being a stuntman, channeling your inner tech geek, making a living as a wordsmith and the joys of become the Dame Edna of Burlington. Or as James likes to call himself, “a party planner.” Why does any of this matter to you? Well James also happens to be a very skilled writer and marketer as well as the undisputed, if not infamous, King of Business Networking. He’s a man worth getting to know better not only for his prodigious sarcasm skills but his genuine desire to help businesses turn relationships in to revenue. No – he is not a pimp. But he will get you thinking more about how to get in to bed with someone from a business point of view. And not the oldest business in the world but YOUR business. And if that’s what you do, we don’t judge. He just helps you make the most money possible with the least amount of work. Pun intended.

So grab a tea or coffee or whatever makes your tastes buds happy and have a listen. I promise you’ll laugh, learn and have some fun 🙂

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