How Planning Your Escape From Kindergarten Can Help You Become an Entrepreneur


Once upon a time a little girl went out on recess. During recess she saw a business opportunity that would change the way she looked at school forever. She saw pebbles. And from those pebbles an idea was born. If she could sell those pebbles, she’d have money to help her family and go on trips. Pretty smart thinking for a 5 year old. Her name was Monica Graves and that pebble idea? Well that’s become Monica’s successful company Glamjulz.


An entrepreneur from a very young age, Monica’s pebble idea didn’t really take off but her next venture at 17 was not only successful, it laid the groundwork for what is now her across Canada custom jewellery business. After a brief stint in the corporate world, Monica decided it was time to get serious about her burgeoning bauble business and offer the kind of empowerment to women that only Wonder Woman quality jewellery can bring.


Across the Desk with Elizabeth Plouffe and guest Monica Graves (1)

Today’s podcast covers everything from what it takes to make it in a fashion related business to dealing with those girls who turn in to women but never really leave high school politics behind. It was an absolute laughfest to learn more about Monica’s journey and I hope you’ll take some lessons from this smart woman about how to pick yourself up after tragedy to make your business even better and embrace a little Wham along the way.


Are you now inspired to have your very own Wonder Woman bling?

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