What is change? Excellent question.

One thing we want to make REALLY clear right away: we do not think people with autism have to change. Change is a very personal decision and what might need changing even more so.

What we also want to make clear is that change is a choice. Your choice. What does that mean?

  • is something in my life not working for me?
  • do I have some goals that my habits are getting in the way of?
  • do I keep hearing the same things over and over but from lots of different people that I could consider changing?
  • I feel like I’m being forced to change but I’m not ready: then don’t!

The biggest point we make in this podcast is that change is up to you. We also want to make sure you understand that change does not have to be a massive scary thing if you have the right tools and mindset to get started. Take a listen and you’ll see how your future is up to you and it can look really good 😉

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