Back in 2016, I accidentally purchased a microphone. I had no idea what to do with it and podcasting was relatively new. Interviewing I understood. Podcasting? That was a little out there. So instead I started with using the camcorder I’d also purchased to interview folks and make content for my communications business. Yep – not my first kick at the entrepreneurial can.

Back in June of a long time ago, I was born with the gift of the gab. Or so my mother told me. Repeatedly. So I thought I’ll give this podcasting thing a shot. I like to talk. People like to talk about themselves. I know a lot of people. What could go wrong? Turns out – nothing. I’ve never regretted a moment of that decision. 7 years later, I’m at podcast episode 224 and have delivered 14 different series with I don’t know how many guests (guess I should count that huh?)

The overarching podcast is called Across the Desk which is slightly agnostic in a good way. It leaves me open to discuss many, many different topics. A few of the series I’ve done are:

  1. Spark the Change Toronto: focusing on the speakers and team members of an agile / change / disruption focused conference I helped organize for five years with my now business partner Jason Little.
  2. Across the Desk with Elizabeth Plouffe: focuses on business building, business colleagues or local businesses and business tips.
  3. Spark the Change India: a great opportunity to interview more international speakers about all things agile / change and disruption.
  4. Wise Words: a focus on business books I’ve read and felt were worth sharing
  5. Sneaky Shit: business tactics that you should watch out for and how to avoid working with sneaky people
  6.  The Future Looks Good: focuses on autism, neurodiversity and the tools we’re using to help solve the unemployment crisis
  7. Autism Alliance of Canada: interviews with leadership summit speakers, policy makers and neurodivergent guests

and our latest series with Maddy Dever, the Autistic Rambler:

8. The Autistic Rambler: I’d like to give you a theme but it’s a reactive podcast to issues that arise on a weekly basis. You’ll never know what the topic will be (neither do we sometimes) but what you will experience is an opportunity to learn through lived experience stories, valuable insights and enough puns to make anyone roll their eyes in admiration.

I hope you’ll take the opportunity to check out one or more playlists!


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