Bots and Scammers 

Bots and Scammers 

The thief scammer is holding a mobile phone and credit card. The concept of Bank card fraud through a virus in the smartphone. a thug in a black Balaclava and a black hood. Often we think of the demographic that gets hit with bots and scams online as seniors, but it...

How I Found Success Through Failure

With a Big and Little S I’m not a huge fan of failure. I don’t suppose most people are. It’s not a great feeling to put your heart, soul, sweat, blood and tears in to something like a business and have it go belly up. No offence to anyone who’s...

From Pebbles to Baubles

Once upon a time a little girl went out on recess. During recess she saw a business opportunity that would change the way she looked at school forever. She saw pebbles. And from those pebbles an idea was born. If she could sell those pebbles, she’d have money to help her family and go on trips. Pretty smart thinking for a 5 year old. Her name was Monica Graves and that pebble idea? Well that’s become Monica’s successful company Glamjulz.

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